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From The Rehearsal Room was a concept created by Hadley Fraser and Ramin Karimloo whilst in quarantine in Tokyo. Having to pivot from live performance they opted instead to film something for those who were planning on coming to see the concert (and those who weren’t, as it turned out).

Karimloo and Fraser wanted to capture raw moments fromthe rehearsal room; to share the joy and love they have as artists for themusicals they have been in individually, together and shows they love but havenever performed. Something exciting emerged - an insight into to old friendsand what inspires them musically and in life

From The Rehearsal Room is a journey through the music of theatre that isunique to each venue and city. The programme changes each time. What remainshowever is the bond between two artists who have known each other for over 20years, who have grown in that time and continue to love performing with eachother and for others.